Michael J. MacDonald

Your Vision Our Innovation

Michael has a proven record to quickly understand the action plans needed to progress. He learned at a young age the importance of client satisfaction in sales and services to ensure client trustworthiness. His strengths as a consultant with René P. Berthiaume make B&MH-2-0TEC INC, a company that has an applied strategy and expertise in sales and marketing. At B&MH-2-0TEC INC, we cumulate 60 years of experience in developing these strategies. We value your vision and dedication to develop a world class product. We chose to represent only high quality products, which will ensure the protection of your personal health, environment, your home and cherished belongings. Through our network these products can also be available worldwide.

Michael was introduced to client service through his family auto dealership business. He took his first experience in details at the early age of 13. It was then that the entrepreneurial instincts kicked in. He understood that the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) needed to be perfect. Michael looked at his responsibilities to the family business more as a detailed inspection always in the favor of the customer’s wishes to have their merchandise delivered in pristine condition. This was instilled by the family owners who took nothing less than perfection on delivery of merchandise.

Michael went on to a successful career and devoted the past 34 years to the development of sales and marketing for a manufacturer in the Industrial and commercial sectors in North America.

He is a highly efficient, result driven and capable marketing and sales executive with a proven ability to effectively develop, manage and control relationships between the companies and their target audience.

Michael has a proven track record of quickly understanding what is required to market a product or service by establishing a vision and then an objective and then communicate this to the potential customer base.

His understanding of how business is run within the structure of a multinational landscape, with an entrepreneurial view, helps him to consult with Rene on several issues involved with working with small and medium companies that wish to grow in their respective target markets.