Alphalink Investment Partners Inc. 324 Roland-Durand

Rosemere,Qc J7A 4M9

December 7 2015

Water ProTec Mr. Michel Tasse President

Dear Mr. Tassé

I would like to thank you very much for your presentation of your Water ProTec system last month. We had the system installed in our office with 5 sensors without any problems or disruptions.  We now enjoy having the peace of mind that our electronic and computer systems are protected from any major water accident that could occur from a broken pipe, leak or a power outage that could cause frozen pipes.

 The best part was when we called our insurance company, La Personnelle, to advise them we had a flood protection system, they’re first question was “Is it the Water ProTec system”? For the insurance company to mention the product by name provided me an additional sense of security. La Personnelle also sent us a refund and stated that we would be receiving a $109.00 plus tax rebate per year on our future insurance premiums for this protection.   This means our investment will be paid off much quicker than we initially expected.

 Michel, again thank you very much for bringing us this innovative and necessary protection to the market place. I will be telling family and friends of this great technology.

Warmest regards

Andrew Hungerbuhler President

Alphalink Investment Partners Inc.