The Water-Protec System offers instant protection against water damage, thanks to its wireless sensor system and smart valve installed directly at your property’s main water supply.



Wireless sensors are installed in strategic areas of your property and automatically detect the presence of water. They then quickly send a shut-off signal to the smart valve, which is installed directly at the main water supply.

Our smart valve stops the water flow in the following second, avoiding any excessive damage that could have been caused by the water leak.

Connect up to 40 sensors* to your control panel for complete protection of your home: no matter where the strategic areas are located.

Stainless steel valve meeting CSA/NSF
standards verified by Intertek
every 3 months.

5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Our sensors are powered by
wireless RF technology.

They can transmit a valve shut-off signal to the control panel even when there is no electricity or WiFi signal at home.

Models with cable available for hard to reach locations.

In the event of a water leak, you will hear an alarm coming from the control panel and receive notifications by email and/or SMS: you can stay informed even when you are not at home!

Access our web application that allows you to remotely close your smart valve: a convenient feature when you go on vacation and forget to close your main water supply.

The web application also allows you to see which sensor is sending the alert signal.

For building managers :

Industrial and Commercial applications are also available.

We provide a centralized console where you can see all of your systems in one place.

A remote control is included to close and open the valve remotely when you are at home: handy when the valve is installed in a hard-to-reach area!

When the installation is completed by our certified network member,you will receive an installation certificate to share with your insurance company.

The automatic shut-off system
meets CSA and UL standards.

Inspected at our manufacturing plant
every 3 months
by the independant firm Intertek.

*Solutions with unlimited sensors
available on request.

In Brief :

]  - Proactive protection against water damage

]  - Automatic shut-off system

]  - Alert via control panel

]  - SMS and email alert also available

]  - Many possible configurations

Valves up to 4" in diameter

Multiple valves connected to the same control panel
and more!

All the main functionalities allowing water detection and automated valve shut-off do not require any Wifi connectivity (Internet).